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Wednesday 8th March 2023

In Year Six we have started reading ‘Once’ by Morris Gleitzman.This is a story about someone in an orphanage and how he might find his parents.


At the beginning of the story, someone screams about having only ceiling plaster in there soup- I don’t blame them really!

This book is a great read so far and we enjoyed the bit about a young boy finds a carrot in his soup A WHOLE CARROT. He thought that it was a message from his parents and that they remembered his favourite veg.

Even though he's in an ORPHANAGE.

God had sent a miracle.

By Phoebe and Erin

Thursday 9th march 2023


The main character was in the library waiting to see if his mum and dad were there- he is so exited.

I don't blame him for being anxious if others might see his parents because he's not supposed to have any. He is in an orphanage.

Now someone is hiding in the bathroom and the main character is trying to calm them down.

Now all the children in the orphanage are telling stories of how their parents died.

They can now hear Mother Minka, they think she might shout at them(she's a very strict woman).

The library (which he is hiding in) is full of religious books.


By Phoebe and Erin.