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Year 3 Worship Ambassadors

Monday 6th March 2023

During our class worship we reflected on how we can be caretakers of God’s creatures.  We looked at this week’s Picture News and thought about lots of different ways we could protect our local area.

18th January 2023

Today we led our whole school Worship. We reflected on the meaning of hope and told the story of The Unforgiving Servant.  

Wednesday 14th September 2022

Rev Anne visited our class this morning for us to join her in prayers for Queen Elizabeth and King Charles III.

Friday 9th September 2022
Following the sad news of the passing of our monarch, we thought about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and how we can follow her example.  We reflected upon times Queen Elizabeth tried her best and showed courage and that we can follow her example.  We each wrote a prayer for her and shared them with the class. 

Tuesday 6th September 2022

Following on from our Key Stage Worship we reflected upon the Tale of the Starfish and how we can make a difference.  We shared our responses and realised that we can all make a difference, no matter how small.