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Friday 4th March 2022

This morning in class, we joined in prayer with Rev Anne for the World Day of Prayer for Ukraine.  We discussed what compassion means and how we can be good neighbours by helping people.  After reading the Bible story of The Good Samaritan, we discussed how we as Christians are like the Good Samaritan by helping others.  The children remembered how we have been ‘Good Samaritans’ in the past when we fund raised for the refugees of Afghanistan. 

Ash Wednesday 2nd March 2022

We attended church this morning for a service about Ash Wednesday. We learnt that this is a day of repentance where we say sorry to others if we have upset them and also to God. Rev Anne placed a cross in Hallie and Lee’s forehead in the shape of a cross. This is made from ashes of palm leaves mixed with Holy oil. 


Gospel Hero Friday 25th February 

Dainton has been awarded this week’s Gospel Hero for being a superb role model in demonstrating our gospel value of Forgiveness.

Thursday 24th February

During our class worship we discussed the big question ‘If someone says sorry, should we always forgive them?’ The children had some very mature responses and we discussed different ways to say sorry.  The general consensus was that we all make mistakes but we reflect and try to learn from these mistakes.  Saying sorry to each other helps us grow. Jesus forgives us, so we should follow and do what Jesus would do. 

Following our whole school worship learning all about Christingles, we each made our own and sung some Christmas carols in class. 

Meet our Year 3 Worship Ambassadors

Our school council reps led our worship today and we reflected upon how we can look after God's Earth.  We made a pledge in school that we would focus on recycling paper and picking up litter.