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Coronation preparations.

Today, 2/5/23 each class went into church to do six activities relating to the up coming coronation of King Charles III.

Gospel Value Heroes

Gospel Value Heroes. 18/11/22

This week’s heroes are:

Cameron, Milly and Callum. Well done.


This half term our Gospel Value is 'Wisdom.' This week, in order to show kindness and respect to all, the children though about using their 'Power for Good.' I have seen lots of examples of children showing wisdom by showing kindness to each other and staff. 


We thought about ourselves as superheroes who have the power to show lots of wisdom around school in the choices we make!


This half term our Gospel Value is 'Forgiveness', every day we think and talk about about what this means and how we can apply it to our school community. 


We are back in Church for our whole school worships. On Wednesday three Year 4 children read out their prayers for the Ukraine in church. We also thought about when we have shown forgiveness this week.



We held a Day of Prayer for the people in Ukraine on Friday 4th March. The children wrote their own prayers for the Ukrainian people and shared their thoughts on how we could help them.





Well done to these three girls who have gone above and beyond this week! Their attitude to learning has been outstanding and they have continued to follow our school rules: Ready, Respect and Safe.



Worship Ambassador's 


Meet our Year 4's Worship Ambassador's. They are responsible for leading class worship, sharing ideas and letting our Senior Leadership Team know what Year 4's values are.




Well done to our current Gospel Heroes! These children have consistently gone above and beyond in all they have done.


We have Worship every day in school. On Monday's, worship is led by Mrs Panther and we reflect on her message the next day. Throughout the week we think about our Gospel Value, this half term it is 'Hope.' We try to implement this in our actions everyday. The children came up with fantastic ideas of how they can show hope within themselves and to others!

Every Friday we announce our Gospel Hero, it is given to someone who has lived out our Gospel Value and has thought about our school ethos of 'What Would Jesus Do?' 




Children brought in toys for those at Brian's House Children's Hospice, and we made cards for those who were in need at Christmas.