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9.5.2022 This week we have been being wise in Year One and using our 'Power for Good'. As part of this we have designed our own superhero cape. We thought that power could be shown in different ways. We used bright colours to show the power of joy and happiness, hearts to show the power of love and friendship, rainbows to show the power of a promise and animals (like sharks!) to show power through strength. We are 'wearing' our capes to demonstrate the 'Power of Good' in Year One.

1/4/2022 Nominations for Forgiveness Gospel Value Heroes.




In our Picture News lesson this week, we have been thinking about whether we should keep trying to find things that we have lost, or whether we should just give up. 


We talked about some of the things that we have lost in the past and which of our Gospel Values we needed to use to find them again.  We decided that we needed to use: Hope (I know that I will find it), Wisdom (I know where to start looking for it), Courage (I won’t give up trying to find it even if it is tricky) and Faithfulness (I believe that God will help me to find it if I don’t give up).

The value of Faithfulness and the belief that God will help you if you don’t give up and keep trying, led us to learn about the parable of the lost sheep (Matthew 18: 10–14) where the shepherd leaves his ninety-nine sheep who have stayed with him, to search for the one who wandered away.  The sheep represents those who have strayed from God’s path and shows that God loves us so never gives up on us.  This parable helped us to understand that we must show perseverance and resilience and never give up looking for something that is loved or is precious to us. 

We worked together to sequence the parable of the lost sheep.



We worked together to correctly sequence the parable of the lost sheep. Can you guess which pair did it the quickest?

10/3/2022 Reverend Anne came to see today. We spoke about who we would like to pray for and why that person is special to us. We then sent a prayer of hope and peace to the people of the Ukraine.



In our Picture News lesson this week, our thoughts were with the people and particularly the children of the Ukraine.  We discussed how we might help those in need.  It was suggested that we could send toys, food and money to help them.  One child said that we should send a big aeroplane to the country so that the people who needed help could be picked up and taken somewhere safe.

The Picture News then led us to listen to and learn about the story of the Good Samaritan so that we might hear of Jesus' teaching about showing kindness and compassion to everyone, not just to our friends.  

We then talked about how we might show kindness and compassion.  The children said that they could help someone if they fell in the playground, they could give someone a hug who was feeling sad, they could protect them from harm and could ask someone to play who was feeling lonely.  The children drew pictures of their ideas and wrote about them.

Finally, we said a prayer asking God to help the people of the Ukraine.  We prayed that everyone could be kept safe and that peace would soon return.

Ash Wednesday

We had a special Ash Wednesday service in Church this week.  We now know that we can say sorry to God and he will forgive our sins.  The ash crosses on our heads are a sign of repentance.

February 2022 - Gospel Value Heroes Nominations - Hope

We have nominated each other in class for friends that have shown/demonstrated hope.  Ruby nominated Oliver for showing hope that he can finish his work before playtime.  Aliana nominated Casper saying that he shows hope by never giving up!

December 2021 - Christingle Making

We have made Christingles in class and we have learnt about what each part of the Christingle represents.  We had great fun making these!

Autumn 2 - Year 1 Gospel Value Hero

Our Gospel Value for this half term has been respect. We have thought about when we have seen others showing respect in our class. We said showing respect is treating others like you would like to be treated, opening doors open for others and using manners. 

December 2021 - Advent

We have being thinking about Advent as we enter into December. We thought about why Advent is an important event in the Christian calendar and what we do during Advent time. We discussed with our talk partners what differences we can make to others just like Jesus has to the lives of Christians. We then created our own Advent Wreaths. 

Buddy Time with Year 5

Year 1 and Year 5 have been working with their buddies to gain confidence and resilience in communication with others outside of their class. This week, after they read to each other, they thought about Remembrance Day. The Y5 children taught the Y1 children what they know about the importance of this day. We then reflected on this while we coloured in our poppy wreath and wrote a prayer to thank all the soldiers.