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Attendance & School Day


Start of the Day

The school gates are opened from 8.40am with doors open at 8:45 am.

There are staff outside to meet the children on the playground from 8.45am. 

Children to be in class by 8:55am.

Learning begins at 9:00am.


Classes can enter and be collected from the school via: 


Rainbow Fish Class:  classroom door from the main building playground. 
Seahorse Class: classroom door at the front of school. 

Turtle Class: door from the main building playground.

Dolphin Class: door from the main playground.

Marlin Class: classroom door at the Pavilion. 
Shark Class: classroom door at the Pavilion.


Ensuring your children are in school promptly has a huge impact on their learning. In the event that your child is late, please bring them to the main entrance so that they can be signed in. 


Our attendance policy is detailed below. 


Please call the school office to report an absence or to ask any further questions regarding our attendance policy. 


School will closes at 3:25 pm for Seahorse Class and Rainbow Fish Class and 3:30pm for Turtle, Marlin, Dolphin and Shark Classes.
This is to allow us more flexibility in the school day and ensuring we are over and above fulfilling our 32.5 hours statutory school hours per week.