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Religious Education

EYFS and Key Stage 1

At Foundation Stage and Key Stage one R.E. should strive to build on young children’s understanding of themselves and their experiences of family life and relationships as part of their knowledge and understanding of the world. All pupils should learn that they are personally valued from the attitudes which they encounter in school. They should become increasingly aware of things which are special and important to themselves and other people. The children will sometimes benefit from opportunities to develop their awareness of the local environment through journeys and visits, and by having a chance to experience awe and wonderment in the natural world. They should be introduced to symbolism in religion and hear stories about the lives of key figures.


Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, the children should continue and build on the opportunities and experiences they have already encountered in Key Stage 1. They should be developing a greater understanding of themselves and an awareness of the needs and feelings of other people from a variety of faiths and cultures. They should be given an opportunity to interact with the natural world and the local environment. By the end of Key Stage 2, pupils should have been helped to explore a range of religious ideas and themes. They should have heard stories about the life and teaching of Jesus and other religious figures, and have been given opportunities to consider their own questions and concerns. In KS2, the pupils will have one R.E. lesson each week, when the main unit from the Blackburn Diocese Scheme of Work will be followed. Many other aspects of R.E. will evolve and be discussed in other areas of the curriculum.

Our RE Curriculum Overview