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Late/ absence Procedures

Late for school

The register in class will be marked by 9am.

The school gate will close at 9:00 am, children arriving after this time must enter through the front door of school and sign in. Children will be marked late in the register if arriving at 9.01am.

Children arriving after 9.01am will be marked as U in the register, meaning that they are on site but this will not count as a present mark. An unauthorised absence and the minutes late will be recorded. 




If your child is unwell or absent from school for any reason please call the office on 01772 682836 and leave a message on the absence line, before 9.01am. 

The Importance of good attendance

Your children get 14 weeks holiday a year! There are 38 weeks in the year when schools are open, and 14 weeks (175 days) when families can visit family overseas; go on holiday; travel; pupils can work, take educational trips, attend non urgent medical appointments…..So is your request for leave exceptional?


When a Child Arrives Late:

• It interrupts concentration

• It wastes valuable learning time

• The teacher repeats information / instructions whilst others have to wait

• The late child is at an immediate disadvantage because they may have missed important teaching points, missed discussions where ideas are shared and will be generally unsettled

• Children feel stressed and anxious about having to walk into their lessons late, some children find being late very distressing.