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Curriculum Intent Statement


Children will be inspired to become curious learners, who have the resilience and confidence to succeed in life.


Every child at Medlar-with-Wesham CE Primary School is valued as an individual, made in God’s image. We value spiritual and moral development, as well as mental and physical health and wellbeing and we prepare children for life in modern Britain, ensuring that fundamental British Values are lived out through the ethos and work of our school.


Our inclusive curriculum promotes respect for the views of each individual child, as well as for people of all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs and we organise our curriculum so that we promote co-operation and understanding between all members of our local and wider community.  Our curriculum builds on big ideas and concepts so that children have the knowledge and skills to look wider than their immediate context and make different, aspirational choices. We are delighted to be working with Unity Schools Partnership and have adopted their curriculum known as CUSP (Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnership) which is underpinned by the very latest research evidence from education and the field of cognitive science.



    Early Years


    In the Early Years at Medlar-with-Wesham CE Primary School we want children to be happy, confident, well rounded individuals with a love for learning.  

    We believe in providing all children with a safe and stimulating environment that builds on individual’s wants, needs, and interests and aim to give the children a sense of belonging in the wider school community. Learning through play should be fun, engaging and promote children’s natural curiosity whilst providing suitable challenge. We aim to encourage children to take turns, share and be thankful to one another and to God, committing to our Christian values.

    We value the importance of our outdoor environment and believe that it offers children the opportunity to develop their thinking and problem-solving skills. We are committed to providing the best possible start to school life, teaching children skills, and giving them experiences that prepare them for the next stage of their learning journey.


    KS1 and KS2


    We deliver an inclusive, knowledge-rich curriculum, based on the National Curriculum and using a variety of approaches and resources depending on the nature of the subject being taught and the needs of the children, including children with specific needs. Good mental health and wellbeing is a priority and our curriculum is underpinned by the support we offer pupils to live healthy and fulfilled lives. We aim to equip all our children with the essential foundations for the next stage of their educational journey and beyond, enabling each one of them to live life in all its fullness. The curriculum builds on the strong foundations created in Early Years and has been carefully planned and sequenced to ensure that knowledge acquisition is coherent, logical and progressive.


    We enrich our curriculum with first-hand experiences and encourage class teachers to plan regular school visits and invite visiting experts, enabling our children to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world.


    At Medlar-with-Wesham CE Primary School, we aim to offer an inclusive curriculum which enables our pupils to: 

    • Enjoy learning and experience success 
    • Learn new skills and have time to practise and develop those skills  
    • Become more resilient, regarding mistakes as learning opportunities
    • Develop knowledge and understanding of fundamental British values
    • Experience the wonder of our world and explore their own spirituality 
    • Nurture and develop positive relationships based on Christ’s teaching
    • Experience the personal fulfilment derived from serving others
    • Develop a sense of belonging  

    “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
    Malcolm X