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Science Vision Statement

At Medlar-with-Wesham C of E Primary School, our vision is to develop curious learners who have a deep understanding of our world. Our science teaching develops our pupils’ disciplinary skills as scientists to support their learning in biology, chemistry, and physics knowledge-based topics. Every lesson explicitly develops a working scientifically skill alongside deepening a child’s knowledge of scientific concepts.

Our school values are promoted through the reflective enquires children undertake. When applying their working scientifically skills, the children explore, question and evaluate their findings. Pupils are resilient scientists who recognise and overcome errors in their enquires. Our learners are encouraged to apply their knowledge to real-life contexts, including studying through outdoor learning.

Throughout their time at our school, our pupils’ studies encompass many key scientific concepts: living things and their habitats, animals including humans, plants, seasonal changes, evolution and inheritance, materials, light, forces, electricity and space. These key topics are often revisited in further years of study to give children a deeper understanding of our world.