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Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

How will the curriculum be matched to meet my child’s needs?

At Medlar-with Wesham, every child is encouraged and supported to participate fully in the academic, social and cultural life of the school, and all staff within school embrace the ethos that all children should be given equal opportunities and all have the right to succeed.  Where required, appropriate adaptations are made to meet the needs of individual pupils.  The SENDCo will be happy to discuss any specific adaptations which you feel your child may require.  These adaptations could include:

  • Access to intervention programmes
  • Smaller working groups
  • Extra support from an adult in class
  • Additional learning resources
  • Seating position in class
  • Accessible classroom eg. chair/ table height/ width, or having enough space in the classroom to move safely and comfortably around in it
  • Adjustments to lessons which involve physical activity
  • An Individual Pupil Plan (IPP) created by the class teacher and the SENDCo which targets areas of need and outlines the provision provided.  Your and your child's involvement in the plan is actively encouraged


We are committed to doing our utmost to identify and meet the special educational needs of all pupils so that they make progress and achieve their full potential.  We realise that children who are identified as having Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs will require support to enable them to access the curriculum and succeed.  This support is provided by a number of different interventions which include:

  • A 1:1 buddy system
  • Social groups supported by an adult
  • Identified key adults 
  • Nurture provision
  • Parenting support

Please contact our SENDCo, Mrs R Marsh, for further details and support: