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Whole school communion 28/06/2023

Year 1 encouraging us to ‘Be champions!’

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Raising awareness for World Diabetes Day and helping others.

 Thank you Year 4 for helping teach everyone how to be Champions and raise money for JDRF on WorldDiabetes Day.

Prayer with Reverend Anne today in Worship

Remembrance Service Sunday 13th November

Thank you to our Head and Deputy Boy and Girl for reading prayers in the Remembrance Worship in Church today and for laying the poppy wreath at the Wesham Cenotaph as representatives of our school community.

Year 2 Jesus is the Light of the World Worship

BSYW Worship about Peacemakers

Thank you Helen from BSYW for visiting us last half term to help us to all understand we are special and unique in different ways just like the jelly babies in your Worship. We also learnt that we have a part to play at being peace makers.

Our first Worship of the new school year. Our school Starfish Story

Year 6 Leavers Worship in our Church

Year 6 shared their memories, favourite Bible stories and prayers with us as they got ready to say goodbye and move onto high school. We know they take God with them and all the Christian Values they have learnt during their time with us. Reverend Anne presented the children with the Bibles she had blessed. 

Year 5, Prayer Stations, the children were invited by Rev Anne to take part in activities involving ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ the children had to think about what each line meant to them and then reflect. It was an interesting session and the children reflected their thoughts and feelings.

Faithfulness Worship - How did Noah show faith in God?

Today we looked at the story of Noah’s Ark and discussed how he showed Faith in God. We now know that Noah put his faith in God and followed his instructions, and in turn he ‘saved God’s world’. We remember Noah as a special person from the People of God section of our Big Frieze. We had great fun singing ‘The animals went in two by two’ as we paraded around the Church.

Worship to reflect how we can help a local charity Heartbeat.

Today we had a special visit from Cardiac Carl and Lisa from the Heartbeat Charity. In our Worship we celebrated our special bodies and how we can look after them by eating healthily and exercising. We also had the chance to think about how we can help others and we will be raising money for Heartbeat in our Sponsored Run in Health Week. 

Our Wisdom Gospel Value Heroes WORSHIP of the Half Term.

Well done to all our Wisdom Heroes this half term who showed wise choices in their actions and trusted in God. 

Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in Worship with BSYW ladies 😀

We learnt lots from Sue and Helen at BSYW about how wise the queen is and how the story of the Good Samaritan teaches us to make wise choices too. 😀 

Our Summer Term 1 Communion Worship with Reverend Anne.

Why was St George a Courageous Advocate?

We learnt all about brave St George in Mrs Panther’s Worship and reflected why St George was courageous and how we can show courage in our own lives and stand up for our beliefs when we see injustice.

Thank you Miss Bunce

Who can fill our buckets with kindness in our school?

In Worship this week we focused on our core value of ‘Respect’ we were all set the challenge across school to ‘fill buckets’ with kindness and focus on anti bullying as we live out the teachings of Jesus to ‘love your neighbour’.  Scarlett in Year 2 was a courageous advocate and helped champion the kindness challenge by making stickers for all the children she saw being kind around School. 

We said a sad goodbye to Miss Bunce in Worship and celebrated all her achievements in our school and our gratitude. We wish her lots of luck as she moves on from us to further her career in education. 

Forgiveness Gospel Value Hero Worship

Well done to all our Forgiveness Heroes of the Half Term and Kindness Heroes of our special FILL MY BUCKET WITH KINDNESS WEEK. 

Prayers with Reverend Anne this Week

Thank you Reverend Anne for visiting our classes and helping us to talk to God and pray for others.

World Prayer Day for Ukraine

We joined other Christians around the world to pray for peace in the Ukraine at this time of war and sadness. 

Ash Wednesday Worship in our Church with Reverend Anne.

Reverend Anne helped us to reflect on what Lent is all about and how it gives us the chance to say sorry. We had representatives from each class receiving the palm crosses. 

Thank you Mrs Fakirova 😍

Today we said a big thank you and a sad goodbye to Mrs Fakirova for working at our school for many years. We know she has helped so many children in EYFS begin their school journey and we wish her all the success in her new job in Latvia. 

YEAR 4 Discussing Courageous Advocacy in RE

Year 4's ideas about why we may sometimes need to challenge authority can be seen in the photo above from their RE lesson following our Worship - they all recognised Malala as a 'Courageous Advocate' of our time.

Year 6 Worship - We are the Courageous Advocates of now and the future 😃

After learning all about our Courageous Advocate of January - Martin Luther King - Year 6 told us in Worship how they wanted to fight for justice and told us of their ‘dreams’ of what they want to put right in the world. 

Our Worship Team have shared the achievements of Martin Luther King with our school. He is our Courageous Advocate of the month!

Thank you and goodbye and good luck Mr Simpson 😍

Today we said said a very sad goodbye to Mr Simpson as he leaves our school to continue his career and take on new challenges helping children with SEN. Thank you Mr Simpson for everything you have done in our school and for our school family. We will miss you but know you will be a great success in your new school. 

Winners of Head Boy and Girl Angel Competition

The Angel Competition winners were announced in Worship by Head boy and Girl. They were all deserving winners and chosen for the special messages they wanted to tell the world about looking after each other and the environment.

Our Head Boy and Girl did an outstanding job on zoom today teaching us all about the messages angels bring and how we can also be messengers of God 😍 They set a competition for the whole school to Design Your Own Angel with a special message.

Worship Team led our Christingle Worship as we learnt how to prepare for being like Jesus the light of the world.

Year 2 Nativity 2021

Our Courageous Advocate pupil In Year 6 is standing up for kindness and spreading God’s word around school and in our Worships. Well done!

Communion service November 2021

Our children in need worship

Our Remembrance Worship 10.11.21

Worship 3/11/21

Gospel Value Courage Hero Worship

Rev Anne Beverley

Vicar, Christ Church.

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