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We are looking at Hokusai, Constable and Monet as we explore these artists impressions of water. Year 4 are working towards creating their own abstract piece of art based on water.

We explored these three different artists and their online galleries and the children attempted to draw their own images of water in the style of either Monet or Hokusai! 


The children used water colours to develop their 'Impressionist' drawings of Cezanne's apples and oranges. The children shared their opinions on whether they preferred water colours, charcoal, oil pastels or pencils to add detail to their art work.



We have been studying the Dutch Master, Cezanne and his famous 'apples.' The children were given a copy of one of his painting, they had to write down their thoughts on the painting, describe the colours and technique. Cezanne's art is all about nature and the children had to describe this impact on his work. We learned that Cezanne's work is called 'impressionism.' The children created their own impressionist drawing using crayons. Next week they will be using other mediums such as pastels, charcoal, paint and pencils.