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Week Two

All of this seaside talk has inspired us to make sandcastles! Mrs Prince tried but all the sand just fell out of the bucket. We were curious as to why this happened. We thought about how we make sandcastles on the beach, the children decided we needed to add water. We did this and the sand changed colour and texture. We put the wet sand in the bucket and all gave the bucket a special tap and tipped it up. We were very impressed that when we lifted the bucket we had made our sandcastle.

We used our prior knowledge about mixing paint. We remembered to add white to make the blue lighter. We looked at ocean pictures and could see the water gets lighter. We tried to reflect this in our background. We will continue to add detail to make our ocean artwork. 

In maths, we have been impressing Mrs Prince and Miss B with our addition and subtraction skills. We have been remembering our ninja maths signs and have been using our part, whole method to solve tricky sums using lots of different resources.