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Measures - Tens and Ones

Summer 1:

Today we used Deines to measure items around the classroom. We used our prior knowledge of tens and ones to help us measure/count quicker. We now know that you must line the measuring equipment up at the very start of the item you are measuring, otherwise you will not get an accurate measure.

Continuing our 'measures' learning we have progressed on to measuring objects in non-standard measures.  We now know how important it is to measure accurately - from the correct starting point.  We were interested to find out that objects measured using different items gave different results - eg.  A glue stick was 6 cubes long but only 4 paper clips long.


We have started to learn about measuring length and height.  Today we were asked to put ourselves in height order by just using our eyes and not our voices- this was very tricky, as we wanted to help our friends work out where they should be in the line.  We then were introduced to the skill of measuring height and length using different parts of the body.  We used finger widths, hand spans and finger lengths when measuring different objects today.  We measured as accurately as we could and then recorded our answers.