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More angles

The children used the Union Jack flag to measure angles today. They also figured out that if they measured on quadrant then the others were the same!

This week we have been learning about angles in maths. The children have learned what angles are and related these to turns and points on a compass. Using what they have learned they had to estimate a variety of angles and then use what they have been taught about using a protractor to measure angles accurately. This was their first attempt, but already they are making good estimates from what they know.

Angles work

Compass direction and turns of an angle

Working in church.

The children have worked hard this week on adding and subtracting wholes and decimals, despite having to work in church whilst Year six take their SATs. Well done everyone, I am really proud of the way you have presented yourselves.

Book day maths

To find out how maths is used everyday in the real world, we created a graph to show Perry’s earnings and spendings.

Story - Less Than Zero by Stuart Murphy

The Undefeatable TTRS Champions of the School!!!!

Maths Week - Suprise Suprise! with Douglas Buchanan