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Still Life

Four Piece Composition

Today we created a composition of 4 pictures. We used a range of materials including watercolours and oil pastels. We also tried using real fruit to create a print and we love the outcome!

Exploring Oil Pastels - Cezanne’s Fruits

Today we used oil pastels to recreate still life fruit in the style of Paul Cezanne. We now know that white is your “best friend” when using oil pastels as this is the colour we use in order to blend the other colours together. We love our creations!

Lesson 1 - Painting the background

Today we began our new unit of still life.  We now know that still life is art that shows a group of objects (usually fruit or flowers) in an arrangement on a plate, bowl or table.  We looked at the artwork of Paul Cezanne and thought of the following words to describe his artwork; brush strokes, different colours, bright colours for the fruit, darker colours for the background, tables, dishes, plates, paint, black outlines, shadows.

Today we painted the background - we now know that the background is actually made up of lots of different colours - even if it “appears” black or white.