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Big Questions

Which Rules Shall We Follow

The children have been inquisitive throughout this unit. R.E. This half term has prompted many deep discussions about rules, who sets the rules and what would happen if there were no rules. It has definitely proved food for thought. 

Exploring the Sadness and Joy of Easter

For duration of this unit we have had many mature discussions about Easter and the events of Holy Week being sad or joyous events, whether or not Good Friday is the beginning or the end and whether Easter Sunday is the beginning or the end. Rev Anne helped us with our own individual opinions but as a class we decided that Good Friday and Easter Sunday is a combination of both the beginning and the end.

Jesus the Man Who Changed Lives

Throughout this unit the children were curious learners about Jesus and how he changed lives. We went on a quest and answered the Big Questions. The children have learnt that Jesus did and still does change people’s lives.  We explored that people change for the better, such as Zacchaeus was greedy and selfish before he met Jesus. Once he followed Jesus he was happier and kind.  We thought and discussed what change means as well as how it isn’t always easy to change.