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Year 3 P.S.H.E. Ambassadors

Friday 24th February

Today we recalled our human rights.  We also discussed that we have a responsibility for each right. For example, we have a right to an education but with that is a responsibility to learn. 

Thursday 9th February 2023
During our discussion about human rights, the children looked at an image of every day life. The children circled different human rights they could see in the image, if human rights were being denied or enjoyed.

As part of our work on Human Rights, we discussed that everyone in school has a right to learn, be safe and be treated fairly.  We came up with a list ways that we can behave in order for this to happen and for everyone to enjoy their rights.  We thought times when peoples rights had been disrespected  and possible reasons for this.  We all made a pledge to be respectful of everyone in our class.

22nd September 2023

Today we learnt about the British Value ‘Democracy.’ We know that Democracy means ‘rule by the people.’ We discussed what democracy looks like in our school when we elected our school council representatives. 

8th September 2022

This week in P.S.H.E. We have been discussing what makes a good learner. We discussed having a ‘growth mindset’ and following our school rules not just to help ourselves but to help everyone in our class.