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Shape, space and measures


Today, we have been applying our knowledge about 3D shapes to sort everyday objects into 3D shape categories.  Next time we eat an ice cream cornet, we are going to say, “It’s a cone!”🍦😋


Non-Special Cuboids and Special Cuboids

Today, we learnt that not all cuboids are the same.  We investigated different cuboids and discovered that although they all have six faces, some are special because they have six square rectangle faces. This special cuboid is called a cube.  We sorted everyday objects using the criteria: ‘Special Cuboids’ and ‘Non-Special Cuboids’.

Spheres and Pyramids

Today’s lesson began our investigations into 3D shapes. We now know that a sphere is a solid shape with one curved face and found balls, marvels and the globe were spheres within our classroom. We learnt that a pyramid can have a circular, triangular or rectangular face on the bottom. George spotted that the catapult from our toys was a rectangular based pyramid. 

Square rectangles and oblong rectangles

Today’s lesson had us feeling very curious indeed when we learnt about square and oblong rectangles! We now know that a square is a type of rectangle - it I special because it has 4 sides the same length. An oblong rectangle has two longer shades and two shorter sides. We found some items around the classroom that were square rectangles (hand sanitiser sign) and oblong rectangles (laptop, paper).

Circles and Triangles

We now know that a circle has one continuous side and no vertices (corners). We also know that a triangle has 3 straight sides and 3 vertices - there are 3 different types of triangles.