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PE - Invasion Games: Football (Spring 2nd half term)

As part of our Spring 1st half term we are looking again at invasion games but this time focussing on football. We have been developing our skills in travelling with a ball, sending skills and understanding why it might be fair to give someone an extra advantage so they feel included?

15/03/22- watch our football skills develop!

We have finally got outside to further develop our football skills. We have been working with our coach from AFC to develop our understanding of the game. This week we have been evaluating our own ball control skills and spending time improving them, whilst being under pressure. Great work Y6.

PE - Gymnastics (Spring 1st half term)

This half term we have been concentrating on performing shapes and balances with a partner. This involved using counter balance and tension with a partner or group and sometimes involving apparatus. At the end we created and performed sequences of gymnastic actions in pairs and groups.

PE - Invasion Games: Rugby (Autumn term 2nd half)

In our PE lessons we have been learning the skills needed for Rugby. We learned about passing and catching a rugby ball with accuracy, simple tactics of a rugby game and then learning about attacking and defending. We started learning our skills in the community centre and then applied these in small games on the playground.

PE - Outdoor and Adventurous Activities: Orienteering (Autumn term 1st half)

This half term we will be focusing our new learning in PE on Orienteering. We began this new unit today and the children loved it! We worked on our leadership skills to guide and support others. We also gave pupils a chance to experience what it would be like to be without sight and how that can bring its own challenges.