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We have started a new topic, music creation. We explored how to use music through the computers. 

3D Design


This week, we started a new topic in Computing.  We are now learning about 3D design.  Today, we put our clicking, dragging and dropping skills to use as we created animal shelters.  Once again, we demonstrated that we could work collaboratively with our partner by taking turns fairly, discussing what we were doing with each other and listening to, and acting upon, any helpful comments made by our partner.

Keyboard and Trackpad Skills


We have mastered clicking and dragging over the last two weeks, so today we progressed to dragging and dropping.  We completed puzzles to help us learn this new skill.

Keyboard and Trackpad Skills


Progression of Skills: Building on the skills we developed in last week’s lesson, today we worked on the accuracy of our ‘click’ in order to practise the skill of clicking and dragging.  We moved objects around the screen to create our dream houses and fabulously funny faces🤩

Keyboard  and Trackpad Skills



Today we started a new unit in Computing.  We are now learning the skills we need to use the keyboard and the track pad confidently.  We worked cooperatively with our partner and realised that we needed to be accurate in order to complete the tasks successfully.



Today we continued to be curious learners as we created digital art using different coloured pixels.  It was quite tricky, but working cooperatively with our partner ensured that we were able to produce amazing digital images.