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This Week’s Friday Arithmetic Test

This week are class has gone above and beyond in our maths work. With the knowledge that we have gained this week most of the class’s score has gone up by a couple of marks. Many of us have been working really hard in Maths and learning new ways to add and subtract fractions such as: Butterfly Method, Window Method and Angel Method. 




Autumn Arithmetic!

Autumn Arithmetic


In Year six we spend the Autumn term focusing our learning all around number. We have been working hard on the four operations and we are now moving onto fractions, decimals and percentages. Throughout the sessions we have talkabout about where we might need these skills in the real world. We also realised that some of our visitors from Aspiration Week would use these skills on a daily basis- from this we also realised that sometimes we need to work these out mentally for example, Debbie our horticulturalist would need rapid times tables in the greenhouse, whereas our Analytical Chemist, Roger would probably use longer written methods. The children have made excellent progress so why not try quizing them on the four operations (times, divide, addition and subtraction). 


Extra challenge- how many different ways can we say... times? Divide? Add? Subtraction... Tip.... times could also be multiply... etc