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To begin our new RE unit – Harvest, we had an exciting lesson tasting foods.  Today we were curious to find out where in the world our food comes from.  We now know that some of our foods travel from far away countries (bananas from Ghana for example) and other foods are more local (such as potatoes grown right here in Wesham).

After we had eaten the yummy food, we said a prayer of thanks to God to thank him for the wonderful food we are lucky enough to eat.


Today we have been learning about how another faith celebrates Harvest.  In the faith of Judaism, the festival of Harvest is called Sukkot.  This festival lasts for a week.  On the first day of the festival, the family build a shelter called a sukkah which they decorate with flowers and the Star of David.  This shelter has to have three walls and a roof made of branches and leaves so that the family can see heaven and pray to God.  The family eat the first meal of Sukkot in the shelter.  In warmer countries, the family eat all their meals and sleep in the sukkah for the whole week.

We made a model of a sukkah using Lego, twigs, green card and a Star of David.