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Latest Worship Team News

Worship Team: Ash Wednesday Worship

Thank you to our Year 6 Worship Team who helped us all to reflect on the meaning of Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. We all made the sign of the cross on our foreheads as a symbol of the ashes that would be put there in an Ash Wednesday service. We are using Lent as a time to think about what wrong things we need to give up and what right choices we can make to be ‘More Than I am’. 



Worship Team Courage Heroes of the Half Term

Well done to our Year 6 Worship Team for leading our final Worship of last half term where we celebrated our Courage Heroes from each class in our school.

Worship Team leading the Our Father Prayer worships in our classes.


Well done Year 6 Worship Team in leading our end of half term celebration Worship and announcing our Forgiveness Gospel Value Heroes in Church. 

Gospel Hero Spring 1 Worship ‘Hope’ Heroes 😍

At the end of Spring 1 we had a celebratory Zoom Worship led by the Worship Team in Year 6 where we heard how lots of our school family have been amazing Hope Heroes. YEAR 6 proudly read out the nominations and gave out the certificates. Well done to everyone who has lived out the Gospel Value of Hope this half term. 

Courageous Advocate of January - Martin Luther King

Thank you for the amazing generosity of our school family! Year 6 Worship Team took the toys to Brian House today and they said to say a big thank you to all the children you will make happy this Christmas

We led our Christingle Worship. How will you shine like Jesus the light of the world?