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Number and Place Value


We have been exploring the maths equipment to make different numbers. We used the ten frames, deans equipment, counters, straw bundles, beads, number lines and number squares. 


Number Day 

Today we have celebrated number day in school. We have decorated our t-shirts with all things maths and numbers. We then participated in the fashion show to off our amazing number creations! 


Progression of skills

Over the last couple of weeks, we have learnt to count in tens to 120, investigated how many tens there are in multiples of ten to 120 and written sequences of multiples of ten, remembering that our 'heroes with zeros' always end with a nought.  We are now so good at all this that we have moved on to our ten times table. Look at us go!


We have previously used the part-part-whole model to solve addition calculations.  Today, we used that prior knowledge to solve subtraction calculations.  We found the method a bit tricky at first, but with perseverance we got the hang of it, and were soon whizzing our way through the questions!smiley