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Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

Today we set up an investigation to find out the effects of friction. We compared how friction is affected by different surfaces. We learnt that the smoother the surface, the lesser the friction and bumpier surfaces created more friction. 

Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Continuing with our learning of rocks to day we learnt about the three different types of rock




We learned how they were formed and the features of each type.  We used different varieties of chocolate to help us understand the features. Eg a Crunchy is like igneous because it hard and the cinder toffee inside is like the lava that has melted and cooled to form igneous rock. 

23rd February 2022


As part of our learning about Rocks and Soils the children became curious about ‘What is under our feet.’ We made ‘dirt puddings’ to represent the different layers of the earth. We now know that under the grass is:

  • Top soil- rich in nutrients, containing leaf litter, rotting vegetation and living organisms.
  • Subsoil- tightly packed soil, lighter in colour as it has fewer nutrients.
  • Bedrock- just rock.
  • Earth’s crust-a think layer of cold hard rock about 5 to 50 miles thick.
  • Mantle- hot molten rock like treacle.
  • Outer and Inner core made of metal and much hotter than the mantle. 

In Science we have been learning how our muscles work in partnership with each other.  We made a model to help us learn about our biceps and triceps relaxing and contracting when we bend our elbow. 

Our Science unit is Animals including Humans.  We have made our skeleton and researched ourselves the names of the bones. We worked scientifically by exploring what would happen if humans didn't have a skeleton.