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In our daily Worship, we love singing songs to God. We listen to stories, some from the Bible, and discuss the messages in the stories. We will talk about what is happening in our world and think about what would Jesus do. Our Worship table, in our classroom, is a place for the children to come to during the day and have some quiet time, talk to God, draw a picture or write a prayer to God.

Today we made Christingles. We spoke about what each part of the Christingle represents. We took them open to light them with our family.

In Worship, Mrs Panther spoke to us about Martin Luther King. He is remembered for speaking out about Equality and treating everyone fairly and with respect. We learnt about Martin Luther Kings peaceful actions and the changes he helped to make. We read the story ‘The Smeds and the Smoo’s.’ We spoke about how we can treat everyone equally.