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This week (6th March) we are studying Wacky Races to develop our writing. We started the week by watching a great episode and then becoming the characters ourselves. We acted out scenes from the clip to understand characterisation. Watch out for our writing later in the week!

Descriptive writing (Spring 1st half term)

Some of our amazing descriptive fiction writing that we based on our recent residential trip to Hothersall Lodge. We used 'Room 13' as our inspiration and continued the story. We used all the techniques we have learned so far to make our sentences and paragraphs even better: using fronted adverbials, various sentence starts, wow vocabulary, different types of punctuation and lots of descriptive language. Have you got chills running down your spine??????

Our first Paragraphs of our Spooky stories for Hothersall lodge (Autumn 2nd half term)

These are the first paragraphs for our spooky stories to read around the campfire in the last night of Hothersall lodge. These are just our first paragraphs but once it is finished it will be around a page and a half. We have been learning about SHAMPOO which stands for: Symbolism/Simile, Hyperbole, Alliteration, Metaphor, Pathetic Fallacy and Onomatopoeia.

Our writing inspired by the children’s game- rock, paper, scissors (Autumn 1st half term)

This week we have been working hard to develop our writing skills using @Robsmith Literacy Shed's videos of the children's game- Rock, Paper, Scissors. We have been working hard to vary our sentence openers using DADWAVERS- Ask your child what this stands for! Also the next time they write for homework do not allow them to start sentences in the say way every time! We know have this as part of our Year Six writing toolkit- something that they can take with them to highschool and the wider world.

Our Paul Cookson inspired poems! (Autumn 1st half term)

The 1000 year old boy new learning! (Autumn 1st half term)

This half term we will be treating the 1000 year old boy. This week we have been looking at adverts for anti ageing. The child identified all of the features of a quality advert. Watch out for our adverts later next week!