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Big RE Questions

Unit 6.4 (Spring Term 2) Big Questions....


  • Who was Jesus?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Who did Jesus say he was?
  • Was Jesus the Messiah?
  • Why do Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah?
  • Who do Muslims say Jesus was?
  • Who do Jews/Hindus/Buddhists say Jesus was?


What to do...

Please pick a minimum of 3 key questions are try to answer them. Please send them in the contact form, Start your message with...'Unit 6.4- Big Questions' then your name. (Do not write your real email address or use a parents one with their permission).


Big Questions RE

Please spend some time with your child talking about our 'Big Questions.' These questions do not have immediate answers, they will provide your child with an opportunity to develop their own spiritual thinking. Please then allow them to send their responses and we will discuss them in class.

Year Six's responses to the big questions! (6.4- Who is Jesus- Spring 2)


Who is Jesus?

One child said ‘Jesus was a person who gave people hope.’’

Another child said ‘ Jesus was a man who walked on water because he performed miracle.’’


Who did Jesus say he was ?


One child said ‘Jesus said he was a story teller to tell people about God.’

Another child said ‘ A son of God and a believer in peace and tranquil.’


Who is Jesus now?


One child said ‘Jesus is someone who is worshiped and honoured, He is known as a symbol of peace.’

Another child said ‘Jesus is a worthy person who Christians worship .He is the son of God.’


Was Jesus the Messiah ?

One child said ‘Jesus was the messiah because he was the king of the Lord’s son. ‘

Another child said ‘No because a King is in charge and Jesus didn’t want to be in charge.’


Why do Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah?

One child said ‘He fed the 5000 people and has the ability to perform miracles’

Another child said ‘He was sent from the creator of the world. He can do things no one else can .He knows things no one else does. He is the light of the light and saviour.  





Unit 6.4 Big Questions