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Bouncing with tennis balls 🎾

This week the balls were much more difficult to catch as they were much smaller than last week’s dodge balls. We needed to bounce them much harder also as they weren’t as bouncy as the dodge balls.

Rolling, throwing and catching

We now know that to bounce a dodge ball accurately we need to bounce it closer to our friend’s feet - this means that it only bounces once which is what we were aiming for.

Kicking - 6/2/23

Today we were much more confident in our ball skills lesson having learnt some of the basic skills last week. Today we were able to apply our knowledge from last week to help us with new skills this week which included dribbling a ball and aiming for a target. We now know that dribbling requires tiny touches to control the ball, whereas when aiming for a target we need to apply a different amount of force to the ball.

PE - kicking - 27/02/23

In our new unit today, we were inspired by real life footballers to become expert “kickers”. We now know how to kick a ball accurately - using the inside of our foot, turning our hips slightly outwards, and pushing the ball with the correct amount of force. We showed resilience in todays lesson as the balls weren’t always going in the right direction at first, but we got there in the end. 



In our PE sessions we have been focussing on Gymnastics.  We now know how to put sequences together including different travelling, rolls and jumps. We had the confidence to perform our sequences to the class.  We were curious to hear what our peers thought of our routines and we used their suggestions to improve our routine.  We showed resilience and amended our sequences to improve them.  Well done everyone!

1.3.2023 Dance

Our Dance unit this half term is ‘Robots’.  We have been working hard to move different parts of our bodies separately, so that we move an arm and then move a leg like a robot does.  We found this quite tricky at first, but we demonstrated resilience and kept trying until we were happy with our moves.  We described our movements as, ‘slow’ and ‘stiff’.  We began by working independently, in order to practise and perfect our robotic movements, and then we progressed to performing a movement which had to be mirrored by the rest of our group.  We watched each other closely so we were fantastic at this😁

1.2.2023 DANCE


Today we have been continuing our dance lessons which are based on Toy Story.  We watched a video clip which showed how the toys crossed a busy road and talked about the obstacles they faced and how they overcame them.  In our session we took turns to create different obstacles which could be long or wide or tall, and moved in different ways to get past them to reach the other side of the 'road'.  As obstacles, we needed to be resilient as we had to hold our shape for a long time to allow the other children to go over, under or around us.  Some of us wished that we had chosen to be different shapes!😁



We now know the best technique for throwing which has enabled us to have the confidence to throw accurately and enjoy success as we hit our desired targets.  The perfect stance is opposite foot forward, hand out for aiming and throw with accurate force!



Today our focus was balancing.  We travelled in many ways across the benches, developing balance with different parts of our body and we practised landing from a jump in a balanced position.  We had to persevere with this because at first we kept falling forwards with the momentum of the jump, but we cracked it in the endπŸ‘Œ



In our new topic athletics we are practicing knew skills of balancing, rolling, throwing and jumping. In our beanbag relay we developed our knowledge of how we can help to keep our balance (by being slow, steady and focusing on something). We now know how to roll a ball accurately; by bending our knees, placing our opposite foot forwards and releasing the ball before it hits the ground.

Balancing skills while dribbling a ball


Today, we completed circuits using footballs.  This developed our stamina and resilience as well as our balancing skills.  We cheered each other on, and afterwards we said that the cheering had kept us going for longer and made us happy too. 😁

DANCE 9/9/2022


Friday’s Lessons this half term will be linked to our Science topic: Seasonal Changes.  After our warm-up and stretch today, we performed autumnal dance movements to show picking apples and putting them in a basket, the wind blowing through the branches of a tree, the leaves being shaken from the tree and the final apples rolling down on to the ground.  Our end position showed the tree standing with bare branches ready for winter. We performed the whole dance at the end demonstrating our simple movement patterns.  Some of us were a little bit shy at the start, but by the end of the session we were all moving and sharing our efforts with confidence.