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This week in Spanish we learnt how to say how we are feeling. The children can now say hello, introduce themselves and say how they are! It has been amazing to see them all having conversations with each other in Spanish!


We learnt how to say a variety of feelings such as: I'm good, I'm very good, I'm phenomenal, I'm ok, I'm sad and I'm very sad. The children created a key to help them remember the feelings.




In Spanish we have started learning how to 'Meet and Greet!'


The children learnt how to say 'hello', 'good morning', 'good afternoon', 'good evening' and 'good bye!' 

They were all so enthusiastic about what they had learnt and lots of staff observed how Year 4 now say 'Buenos Dias' instead of Good Morning and 'Adios Miss Cawley' when they leave.


We created some gestures to help the children remember what greetings they had learnt. Can you guess what they are?