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Easter- New Life

20/4/23- Finding symbols from the Easter Story

We went across to church and looked for pictures that linked with the Easter story. We found a lot of crosses all around church and a creation of the tomb too. We looked closely at the pictures that are on the stained glass windows and saw angels and Jesus on them. We saw the table where Rev Anne stands to do the holy communion and hands out the bread and wine just like the passover meal that happened before Jesus died on the cross. 

16/3/23- Open Classroom

We were really excited for our parents to come into school so we could share our RE books with them. We showed them our books from the beginning of the year to now. We told them about what we had done during these lessons. 

16/3/23- The Last Supper

We read the Easter story and focused on the Passover meal. We thought about how the disciples would have felt when Jesus said he was about to die. We said they would have felt upset, frustrated and emotional. 

23.2.23 Spring Walk

We went on a spring walk to find signs of new life. We found the buds growing on the trees. We saw a nest in a tall tree. We saw some pretty flowers and some daffodils that were starting to flower. We also thought about how soon chicks will start to hatch and lambs will start to be born. We thought about how Spring is a time to celebrate all the new life.