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King Charles Coronation Activities

This week we have enjoyed lots of different activities to celebrate the coronation of King Charles from make crowns, taking park in various activities in church such as writing prayers for King Charles, ordering the different monarchs and analysing portraits of our previous kings and queens. 

Red Nose Day 

Today we wore something red to support Red Nose Day.

World Book Day

Today we have celebrated World Book Day 2023.  We have dressed up as characters from stories or come SPAG related.  We enjoyed finding out about each others costumes. 

Number Day

Today we celebrated Number Day. We decorated t shirts with all things ‘maths’ before showcasing them for our whole school fashion show. 

Christmas Lunch

Today we all came together to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy our school Christmas Dinner. 

Remembrance Service

Today we remembered those that have fought in wars for our country. We made poppies and laid them in church whilst holding a personal reflection. 

Aspirations Week


This week we have welcomed many visitors into school. We have asked some very thoughtful questions to help us decide what we would like to do when we are grown up.


Our first visitor was Mr McCann, an ambulance technician.  We now know that an ambulance technician is a job that helps people and work longside paramedics. They travel in the ambulance and either take people to hospital or advise patients on how they can get better at home. We even got to have a look in the ambulance and view the equipment that is used to help people get better. 

We were very lucky to welcome Chris, an EasyJet pilot, into school.  He told us what it’s like to be a pilot and how we get to be a pilot.  We know that pilots have to do lots of training in order to fly passengers from one place to another and that there are always emergency procedures in place, in the event of an emergency. Chris told us that, with hard work and determination we can be just like him and travel the world. 

Mrs Epps, an accountant, visited us to tell us all about her job.  We learnt about tax and why being an accountant is an important job.  To our surprise, we found out that it’s just as important to be able to follow rules to do this this job as it is to be able to solve maths problems. 

Lesley, a police officer, gave us lots of interesting facts and some history about police officers. We know that a police officers job is to help keep us all safe and that to be a police officer it is important to follow rules and make people feel comfortable.  Lesley showed us lots of different equipment that a police officer uses. 

Lyndsey, a physiotherapist, told us all about what her job involves.  We now know that a physiotherapist helps people keep/regain their independence through giving them exercises.

We learnt about the smallest and largest bones in our bodies and where physiotherapists are based in their job, in the community, or at a hospital.