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Summer 1-The Ancient Greeks

Researching Greek Gods and Goddesses'

Today 14th June, we researched about Greek Gods and what they were known for. We then were given a God/Goddess and had to draw them and label them with their symbols etc.

Role playing the Battle of Marathon

The Battle of Marathon, was between the Athenians and Persians, although Persia had a larger army the Athenians defeated them using a formation called the ‘Phalax’ formation. The children acted out the battle using this formation.

They then worked together to do a diamond of nine, putting in order the reasons that they thought important why the Athenians were successful.

Role Play of Alexander the Great building his Empire. 2/5/23

Autumn 2

Riotous Royals

We will be learning about significant monarchs and what they did to shape how we live today.

Henry VIII

How many facts can you learn about Henry VIII IN 5 minutes? The children went around the room and shared their own fact with others to acquire as many facts as the could.