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Monday 15th May 2023

In English we have been looking at features of persuasive writing and after being curious about Richard Branson we have decided to write to him to see if he would be ever so kind as to help us update the technology we have in school.

Tuesday 19th April

Today we investigated synonyms.  We looked how Roald Dahl used synonyms in Charlie and Chocolate Factory before finding synonyms for terrified and revolting and writing our own paragraph in the style of Roald Dahl. 

4th March 2023

In English today we were developing vocabulary. We searched for synonyms using the website ‘Wordhippo.’ We have certainly increased our vocabulary during this lesson and used these new words in sentences. 

3rd March 2023

In English today we used drama to get into character using the evidence from the text. The Iron Man ‘towers’ above the cliff. He falls into ‘nothingness’ and his ‘great iron legs fall off, his iron arms fall off.’ 

Monday 6th February 2023

Today we write the opening of our story based on The Stone Age Boy. We had already planned how we would arrive in our setting. This character has been stuck in quicksand and fallen through to a land on the other side….how exciting.

Tuesday 3rd February

Our starter in English today saw us getting active.  We were learning that prepositions tell us where something is in relation to something else.  We crawled under the table. Stood beside our friends.

27th January 2023

Today we have been imagining meeting a scary character like in the book 'The Stone Age Boy.'  We focussed on how we feel, our thoughts and how we act when we are scared.  We brain stormed some wonderful verbs and adjectives ready to include in our writing.

Thursday 19th January 2023

In English, we have been inspired by the The Stone Age Boy. Today we have been thinking about characters thoughts and feelings.  Before even reading the story, we used pictures from the text to predict what was happening. We acted out our own narrative before reading the text. 

Tuesday 17th January 2023
Today we were inspired by the snow.  We took the opportunity to go outside, think about our senses in the environment in order to write a setting description using adventurous adjectives. 

Wednesday 14th September 2022

Inspired by the text The Egyptian Cinderella, the children learnt to write sentences with expanded noun phrases using correct punctuation. They then moved around the class to look at others work before for ideas before improving their own work.