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17.3.23- Introducing glockenspiels

We have introduced the glockenspiels and been learning the keys D and F#. We then played the glockenspiel to the song 'Twinkle twinkle'. 

10/3/23- Finding a steady beat

Today we have used some of the larger musical instruments to find the steady beat to the song. We first thought about moving to the steady beat by clapping our hands or knees and then we used the instruments. 

24.2.23- Combining the Pulse

We were introduced to a new song- Days of the Week. We started off by learning the lyrics to the song which included the English and Spanish words for the days of the week. We then tried to find a steady beat by clapping to the music. While singing we thought about some of the notes being high and some being low as well as noticing that some of the rhythm patterns were short and long. We sang the song and then added untuned instruments and stuck to the beat. 

10.2.23- Exploring instruments

We have used the song heads, shoulders, knees and toes to play a range of instruments to. We played the instruments with the beat of the background music. 

We started the morning off with some music. We warmed up our bodies moving to the rhythm, then we stretched our faces and finally we sang high and low to warm up our voices. We then learnt a new song and sang it altogether. 

03.02.23- Warming up